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Snow Removal

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Our Customer Satisfaction Speaks For Us


Melrose, MA

We were very satisfied with the painting and carpentry work. Diaz painting did for our home. Certainly, would recommend to others.

 Bob O.

Stoneham, MA

These guys are easy to work with. I changed project scope (added some items) and they still completed the project on time and on budget.


Melrose, MA

Sammy and his crew were respectful, timely, and hard working. We had a tight time table and they were efficient and met our goals.I would absolutely recommend their work!


Brooklyn, MA

Sammy committed for a schedule weeks in advance and did the work exactly on-time. He also showed flexibility when I asked him additional work. I am very satisfied.

Mountains of snow blocking up your driveway or porch this winter? We can help! We have experience removing ice and heavy snow from walkways, driveways, porches, and patios quickly and efficiently to allow for safe movement.

Snow Shoveling

Like a Pro

Snow shoveling isn’t fun,
but it’s often unavoidable.

Snow Plowing

Plow during the Storm

Do all of the proper  maintenance,
before the first flake.

Snow Blowing

What if we pre-empt?

Start clearing the snow
before it reaches 6 in.


What’s your plan?

Each accumulating inch brings
an extra pound of stress to your life.

¡Winter is Coming!

With more than 10 years fo experience we cna guaranty our work.

Power Care

We provide pressure washes
and gutter cleaning.

Highest Standars

We use only the highest quality
lead free brand name paints

¡Painting, landscaping

or cleaning services!

We are a licensed, insured, family owned  
painting and renovation contractor in Massachusetts.

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